Cookie messages are already in Basque, thanks to EITB

Provider: internet


By law, all websites have to provide information about privacy and the option to manage it. EITB has translated these texts into Basque and other websites may make use of them.

A consent management platform (Consent Management Platform o CMP) is a technology used by websites to obtain legal consents of users when processing their personal data. In summary, a CMP «saves» what the user decides or chooses. There are different CMP platforms, but until now there was no way to choose Basque as a language in that CMP.

Faced with this situation, Euskal Irrati Telebista has translated the texts related to the privacy of Internet users, and has made them available to IAB, the largest global association for communication, advertising and digital marketing where more than 60 CMPs.

Thus, from now on, all of them will have the option of incorporating these texts in Basque, which means that various companies and media may choose to display the information in that language.

In this way, the problem that Basque companies such as Euskal Irrati Telebista have encountered in the implementation of the changes required by law regarding cookies, the texts of which were not available in Basque to date, are solved.