Huawei: how lack of access to components is suffocating the Chinese tech giant

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Do you have a Huawei cell phone in hand? Take care of it a lot. In the next few years it could be a rare object outside of China.

The cell phone maker, which was at one time the second largest company smartphones vendía en el mundo, se verá obligado a recortar su producción drásticamente en 2021.Una disminución que Financial Times sitúa en torno al 60%.

If at the end of 2019, Huawei ranked third behind Samsung and Apple, a year later the company retrocedió hasta el quinto lugarmientras Apple se ha hecho con el primer puesto, según datos de la firma de análisis Gartner.

The Chinese giant suffered a sharp drop in smartphone sales of 41% in the last quarter of last year due to sanctions imposed by the US government in the framework of the trade war with China and to other global factors of equal relevance.

The Chinese brand's phones were forced to withdraw both Google's apps and operating system due to trade restrictions imposed by the United States in 2019.