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Medianet provides technological tools for customers who want to automate and modernize their duties, by developing customized software to fit your needs. We also integrate existing applications with new modules or requirements that you need in your business.

About us

We are a talented group of professionals in programming and graphic design


Support and advise our Clients in all the process that goes from the Analysis to the production phase of their Business Processes.


Consolidate as a top company in building web based apps, relying on our great team, using the best practices and development tools available in the market.


Efficient solutions in desktop programs, mobile apps, websites and intranets

Mobile Apps

We are capable of build mobile applications for iOS or Android operating system.


Websites & CMS

Our team can develop from static pages, which show your products or services in a simple and effective way, to websites in several programming languages, all according to your needs.


Graphic Design

The image of you company is the first impression your customers get so it must be applied with good taste and common sense, it can be striking, elegant, classic or youthful, but it must give the right message of what your company represents.



We offer consulting services that will guide you in finding solutions to the problems that your company faces daily, giving you the best technological solutions that can be applied according to your budget and needs.


Customized Development

In recent years the technology has advanced and the internet is part of it, so we design your website or application thinking about the growth of your company, all according to your needs, with the best and latest technologies availables.




They have trusted us in order to get the technological solutions that their businesses require


News, tips and relevant facts about the world of technology

6 ways your company could be using automation software

6 ways your company could be using automation software

Source: appdevelopermagazine.com


6 ways your company could be using automation software

When it comes to robots and our future as human beings, there are two different directions your imagination might take you. On one hand, you’ve probably watched terrifying imaginings of machines turning against mankind in films like The Matrix and The Terminator. In contrast, if you look around at the real world, you see can the reality of machines working side by side with humans every day, at work, at home, in schools - pretty much everywhere you turn. 

Robotics can be found in the manufacturing sector in an obvious and physical way, with robotic arms and other machines doing manual labor. But it’s also present in a behind-the-scenes capacity within other industries and specializations, including healthcare, banking, accounting, hospitality, education, and more. In these cases, our robotic assistants are given names like “Process and Data Automation” or “Robotic Process Automation.” 

When businesses find themselves looking for process improvement tools, generally they’re interested in a business process automation platform, which includes workflow automation, document management capabilities, electronic forms, and OCR (optical character recognition) software. Each of these tools plays a role in today’s process improvement methodologies. It’s not that they replace human workers. What they do is allow for human workers to do less busywork and more high-value tasks. 

With all of that in mind, how can you determine if it makes sense for your business to invest in automation software? Let’s take a look at the benefits of process and data automation and how your company could be using automation software.


1. Eliminating Paper Waste


2. Increasing Audibility and Compliance


3. Appealing to Your Future Workers


4. Experiencing Cloud-based Security and Flexibility


5. Automating Tasks and Processes


6. Accessing Analytics


6 ways your company could be using automation software

6 ways your company could be using automation software


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70 years of programming

70th ENIAC Anniversary Missing ENIAC Programmers


The long life of java

Java is 20 years old


It is an open-source world

78 percent of companies run open-source software


These are some of the projects we are currently developing
New lavenezolanadeseguros.com Website
	Developep using asp.net MVC, Entity Framework, Materiak Design and AngularJS</p>

Developep using asp.net MVC, Entity Framework, Materiak Design and AngularJS

Parada Inteligente Tablets
	Developed using Ionic V2, with php web services</p>

Developed using Ionic V2, with php web services

New version of Metroarchivos Storage System
	Built with .net framework and sql server 2014 databases</p>

Built with .net framework and sql server 2014 databases

New version of VGC sam
	Build with Ionic 1 and asp.net webservices</p>

Build with Ionic 1 and asp.net webservices

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